Friday, 5 October 2012


Two Men

Two men sitting in a room
Howls beseech the distant moon
The cold air unveils breath
Drawing from the eyes of death

The ship creaks and groans its pains
Weakened by the heavy rains
Hidden rocks below the stern
Make the ship a ready urn

Icy depths prevent escape
Waves that crash upon the cape
Bitter cold and rising wet
Two men calm their rising fret

Silence grim as minutes pass
Comfort only in their flasks
One man leaves alone to drown
Weighted by a stolen crown

Starless sky predicts his fate
Ocean surging roaring hate
Enveloped in black of night
Sink and die or drown and fight

All he sees with weary eyes
Rises to the dreary skies
Drifts into a peaceful sleep
Lost beneath the waters deep

by Freya Haanen

Improvisation (I)

I gaze into the distance
Silhouettes of cranes stand elegantly on crystal water
Behind me, moonlit mountains crouch with their caves and rocks
And the silent calling of ancient spirits echoes with the wind
While beneath me, only hope, immortal like Styx lays beckoning
As I cross to that other time
I search for my dream, one lost between dark branches
But in vain; battle, battle, clammer, gather, go
I am still
To fall into the rupturing sky

by Jonte Marshall and Milly Peng

Music composed by Oliver Dearnley

Song of the Surroundings

Take a violin into the boundless sky
To the height of its carmine eye

Can you hear it

Sound of ever-traveling energy none foresees
Harmonises distant breathings of mountains and seas

Do you hear it

River of Time rumbling across city
That destroys and creates without pity

And beneath the glass mansions mirroring dusk inflamed
Victor of a chess game's never been proclaimed
Pearled figures of letters and nobility
Against others with scales of equality

While within a thousand labyrinthine streets
Free souls forlorned as cagelings carry laws obsolete

Hear their voices

And bow the instrument to sing

A symphony of world's heartstrings

by Milly Peng

Shifting power

Power is with those kinds of people sitting
On their thrones of reconstituted nature - spitting
Wondering about all this fuss
Expecting gratitude and ever more lust - but we
Return doubt and critical disgust

Soon their short-term thinking
Has us all blinking over our future they've wrecked
In December we share your ideas and despair
Find solutions that matter in our challenging vendetta
Together we can create a future that's better

by Leander Schulz

The Abandoned Typewriter 

The blank page waited. 
The ink ribbon ready to move. 
All the rage was building. 
All the thoughts wandering. 
The hand could not move. 
The brain in chaos. 
All the keys waiting, itching. 
All the hairs on the arm standing. 
Letters turned words turned sentences. 
Letters to be written. 

by Lynette Ying

Unknown Soulmates

A time, 
a place, 
a moment unforgettable. 

A love, 
a person, 
a connection undeniable. 

A thought, 
a hope, 
a yearning undesirable. 

A life, 
a dream, 
a could-be unattainable. 

by Lynette Ying

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