Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Issue II April 2013

Cover image created by Milly Peng


Firstly sincere apologies for not presenting you with the promised Christmas issue. Busyness was underestimated. I hope that you all had a good holiday and more recently, a good Easter break, and are ready to read what we have created.


Why are there leaves on the ground? In this April issue of The Scribbler, our submissions all share an air of melancholy. A scent of Autumn.  

Autumn is the time of year when nature slows down, and no matter how cold our bedrooms are in the morning, human schedules speed up. As assignments and test dates rear their scary heads, keep friends in mind. No matter how stressed or busy we may be, time out to laugh with one another is precious. University memories will last through the future cold nights as we work hard in the thick of society.

Weight is always gained as white breath begins to fill the air. The kitchen is the heart of the house and baking is an economical, not to mention tasty, way to stay warm. Baking with friends kills two birds with one stone. Halved sugar intake and fun times.

The sun is setting earlier and daylight saving is this coming Sunday. The biannual confusion with time changing will inevitably occur. I missed a sleep in one year and got ready for work early. On the plus side I got ahead in my novel as I passed time.

So enjoy the work LitSoc members have presented.

Keep calm and read on.

- Ruth Madden


Table of Contents

A brief introduction to one of Japan's traditional aesthetic sensibilities. 

Missing Katy - a short story by Natasha J. Stillman
Eva won't stop until she helps her former teacher find his daughter.

Here is Silence – Giles Graham
Attending to Important Matters – Jordan Hamel
Flowers and Sunshine – Jordan Hamel
Lambs – Jordan Hamel
Validation – Jordan Hamel
Observations Before Midday – Jonte Marshall
Seaside – Jonte Marshall
Lest We Forget – Mimi Watkins

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