Friday, 10 May 2013

Issue III May 2013

Cover image created by Milly Peng


Now to those who could not make it to the introductory night for LitSoc, here is a line out of the infamous science-fiction novella “The Eye of Argon” written by Jim Theis that we raucously shared in reading aloud: “By the surly beard of Mirfc”, hello everybody. Thank you for reading this third issue of The Scribbler. Let’s keep them coming!

I would like to personally thank the trees of this planet who do a great job of providing us with oxygen, shade, paper for our literature and tree-huts in which to play. I hope the old deciduous ones are not too cold this winter and I look forward to their bloom come spring. Keep it up.

- Ruth Madden


And a warm welcome to all the new members of Otago University Literature Society.

- Milly Peng


Table of Contents

Messines and Passchendaele; Zenith and Nadir - an essay by Logan Todd
Written by our 2012 winner of John-Omer Cooper Prize for History.

Glimpse - a short story by Michayla Clemens
"I love this world but yet I will not miss it. And it will not miss me."

Past Present Hitler - a short story by Isaac Yu
Time travelling assassins and cognitive cadavers.

Baby Problems - Campbell Calverley
Residence - Campbell Calverley
Sweet House - Michayla Clemens
We Cross Paths Like String - Michayla Clemens
Insubstantial Morsel, Immolated Cup. - Giles Graham
Why So Serious? - Freya Haanen
Tired Donuts - Ruth Madden
Funerals - Jonte Marshall
Improvisation (II) - Oliver Dearnley, Jonte Marshall and Milly Peng
Hangi Was The First Boy Born In Space - Sarah Reese
This Poem Makes Me Sad - Nina Reid
Dead Poets - Lynette Ying

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