Saturday, 14 September 2013

Issue VII September 2013

Cover image created by Milly Peng

Spring has officially arrived at last. With it comes the inevitable pre-planning for the Summer holidays; pre-planning because statistics show fifty percent of the plans are wishful thinking. Probably. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the fresh spray of blossoms and the warm changeable weather (warm for Dunedin that is) with a possible side of anti-antihistamine. 

This issue contains a mixture of stories and poems, dark and humorous, with the authors' voices shining through.    

Keep scribblin',

 - Ruth Madden


We celebrated the season of renewal by the clocktower. Sound of wooden flute filled the air while cherry blossoms buds awakened. 

As people of creative minds, we tend to place our attention on subjective sensations or specific phenomena that evoke individual interest, too personal and too precise to be understood by the outside before we attempt to represent them in the form of art. Therefore, a little bit of loneliness and melancholy is perfectly healthy, we should not be anxious.

- Milly Peng


Table of Contents

Remembering you.

"This is not the solution to your problem."

Comedic string of letters to a "human society".

Pulp Addiction - Campbell Calverley
So Early In The Morning - Campbell Calverley
Dust - Oliver Dearnley
Breath of Life - Keely Shaw

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