Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Issue IX April 2014


In Dunedin the warm winds are fighting to survive, though the smell of coal is increasingly overcoming the summer’s strength. T-shirt today. Puffer jacket and pompom hat tomorrow.  
As with the weather, what we write today is different to what we wrote yesterday. A diary entry or homework for primary school, back then difficult to write, could have simply read: “Today was fun. I played with my friends. It was sunny”. As we grow and change, so too does our use of words and our writing styles. What I found inspiring last week, I may now find outdated. But this does not matter because “another me” will discover my last week’s inspirations and find them to be new and exciting. “Another me” at primary school. “Another you” at high school.

Changing, growing and teaching. These things we do subconsciously. We affect those who we do not even know the faces of. Through our writing we are effecting change within ourselves and inviting change in others.
Keep warm and keep scribblin’,

- Ruth Madden 


Table of Contents

A Refrain - Campbell Calverley
Climax - Campbell Calverley
Womb - Campbell Calverley
Grove - Campbell Calverley
Wander - Maura Reagan
Road Signs - Sarah Reese

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