Issue V July 2013

Cover image created by Milly Peng

We are on a bus, writing this on a receipt with a book as a mat. How literary. The book is Shimura Trouble by Sujata Massey. Tenth in a series and highly interesting; for all you espionage and kick-ass heroine lovers out there, I recommend them.

Anyhow, hope you’ve all kept warm during these past few pale grey weeks. Semester two hails new beginnings and fresher minds. The cherry blossoms, confused trees as they are, bring colour to the university campus.

These submissions will bring some new ideas and feelings into your lives.

Read away,

- Ruth Madden


Echoing the casual atmosphere of Ruth's editorial, here is a little background story for this month’s cover image. A dance of winter sunlight captured my eyes while Ruth and I were just having a cup of coffee at The Good Earth Cafe, surrounded by oil paintings and exotic preserves in fruit-shape jars as the afternoon tranquilly slipped by.

And there your cover image crystallised.

- Milly Peng


Table of Contents

My Incredible Dad: Father Figures in Pixar's The Incredibles - an essay by James Tregonning
A look at the role of the father in a popular film aimed at children

Purr - Campbell Calverley
Transit - Campbell Calverley
The Transformation - Jonte Marshall
Not a Love Sonnet - Mairead O'Neill
Victim - Mairead O'Neill
When You Were Mine (for Lee) - Mairead O'Neill
Some Days I Cannot Smile For Joy - Sarah Reese
Tectonic Shift - Sarah Reese

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