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Welcome back to The Scribbler!
This is the digital portion of our now physical Zine!
We have been running since 2012, and last year (2015) we finally managed to get out a printed copy of our humble magazine. As such, this website is going to used as a sort of digital back up version, where you'll be able to access the publication even if you aren't in Dunedin, or missed out on our physical run. 
If you wish to be part of our publications, you are welcome to submit your works to:

The Scribbler Team

P.S. You can also find us on tumblr at theotagoscribbler.tumblr.com


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Copyright © 2012 - All original copyright rests with the original author/creator and is used by Otago University Literary Society at http://www.thescribblerzine.blogspot.com with express permission all rights reserved. All original material on this blog or “Zine” - material written, images created or videos, both audio and visual, taken solely by Otago University Literary Society, or “LitSoc”, or “The Scribbler”, including members within and associates - may not be taken or used by anyone else, anywhere else, without crediting the original author and asking permission for reproduction of original work, which may be sought from theotagoscribbler@gmail.com; and if granted requires that credit will be given to the original source.

Fair dealing with a work for the purposes of criticism or review does not infringe copyright in the work if such fair dealing is accompanied by sufficient acknowledgement pursuant to section 42 Copyright Act 1994. We are a non-profit online magazine (“Zine”) for the purposes of entertainment, review and education, and endeavour to make sufficient credit wherever necessary or possible.

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